Shogun Calmag

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Root Feed – Add at a rate of 1-2mL/L to your nutrient reservoir or watering can. Use throughout vegetative and flowering growth.

Foliar Application – CalMag can be used as a foliar feed to correct deficiencies relating to poor establishment or environmental problems. Add at a rate of 15mL/L and spray onto the leaves. Spray once per week until the issue is resolved. The recommended pH for foliar application is – 5-7.


  • 0-1

    Dilution Rate

    Use throughout full growth cycle

  • Flowering Booster

    Increases yield & crop quality

  • Vegetative Booster

    Increases growth efficiency & plant health

SHOGUN CalMag is an often overlooked addition to any feeding regime that can create huge improvements. Improving nutrient uptake and translocation of nutrients around the plant, CalMag massively enhances your plants ability to move and use other essential nutrient elements around as well as helping to facilitate many plant essential functions.

Key Features

  • Highly refined Calcium and Magnesium Source for your plants
  • Also contains Iron – another often deficient micro element
  • Improves translocation of nutrients
  • Balance nutrient solutions to facilitate higher Potassium and Phosphorous uptake and use
  • Facilitates many key plant functions including the production of Chlorophyll

Feed Chart

Medium Hydro Coco Soil
Water Soft Hard