Shogun Geisha Foliar

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  • Shogun Geisha Foliar - 750ML RTU spray

    £ 9.95

  • Shogun Geisha Foliar - 5 Litre RTU

    £ 39.95


Supplied ready to use. No mixing or pH adjustment required


  • Dilution Rate

  • Bloom Nutrient

    Use throughout fruiting & flowering

  • Flowering Booster

    Increases yield & crop quality

  • Grow Nutrient

    Use throughout vegetative growth

  • Vegetative Booster

    Increases growth efficiency & plant health

Geisha Foliar is a combination of unique foliar additives designed to enhance and initiate flowering receptors as well as increase crop yields and weight. Its advanced ingredients work in two stages. When used during the vegetative stage, more flowering sites are initiated, plant metabolism is increased and water uptake is enhanced. When used during the flowering period, fruit and flower growth is supported and Geisha acts as a secondary messenger to stimulate metabolic pathways within your plants for a range of yield and quality enhancements.

Key Features

  • Increases water uptake and plant metabolism
  • Stimulates Increased flowering sites by up to 5%
  • Opens yield and quality affecting metabolic pathways
  • Safe for use in both vegetative and flowering stages
  • Use every 2 weeks

Feed Chart

Medium Hydro Coco Soil
Water Soft Hard