Shogun Samurai Terra Multipacks

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  • Shogun Samurai Terra Multipacks - SHOGUN SAMURAI TERRA GROW - 1 LITRE

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  • Dilution Rate

  • Bloom Nutrient

    Use throughout fruiting & flowering

  • Flowering Booster

    Increases yield & crop quality

  • Grow Nutrient

    Use throughout vegetative growth

  • Rooting / Propagation

    Use to establish strong root systems

  • Vegetative Booster

    Increases growth efficiency & plant health


The Samurai Terra Multipack, the perfect way to trial shogun range before fully committing to the rest of your grow. Whether you are a seasoned grower looking to switch nutrients or just starting out with a small number of plants, this package contains all the essentials that you need to excel in outdoor cultivation.

Whatever your circumstance is, this multipack will greatly impact your yield with exceptional results. Designed specifically for soil and peat substrates.

Key Features

  • SmartZen Yield Maximiser, A SHOGUN invented Bio Component that is proven to enhance growth potential
  • Excellent starter kit for soil growers who are looking to trial the range
  • Highly refined mineral feed with ultra refined ingredients
  • Perfect for use in drip irrigation and hand watered systems

Feed Chart

Medium Hydro Coco Soil
Water Soft Hard

Feed Composition

The great thing about this Multipack is that We have included an additive for every step of your plants life. In propagation you can use Katana Roots to improve tap root striking and accelerate network growth throughout the grow.

This multipack Will bolster your plants flowering phase with three incredible additives including our best seller sumo active boost. A potent flowering stimulant that when used alongside PK warrior 9/18 ensures expansive growth of flowers into thick resinous high yielding crops.

We have even included a health component with Shogun Silicon, a strengthening agent that fortifies your plant cells against external, environment changes, alongside Shogun Calmag which can be used in the grow and bloom stage to combat plant health issues or media imperfections.

And lastly the addition of Dragon Force means that the last two weeks of harvest will be finished with a final and decisive boost increasing the aroma and flavour of your produce.

Shogun’s Multipack contains:

  • Terra Grow 1L
  • Terra Bloom 1L
  • Katana Roots 250ml
  • Silicon 250ml
  • CalMag 250ml
  • PK Warrior 9/18 250ml
  • Dragon Force 250ml
  • Sumo Active Boost 250ml